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Limited Edition Truewerk Tee

Our Mission:

Truewerk is on a mission to make an impact within the trades community. For the first time ever, we have created a limited edition tee as a way to further support our brand’s mission, aiming to advance and elevate the lives of modern day tradesmen and women.

Shop the Tee 

Declare your support to advancing humanity and the trades by purchasing a limited-edition T-shirt. A portion of the net proceeds are donated to help build a community that advocates and empowers trade professionals.

The Partnership:

We’re proud of the Truewerk Ambassador program that represents our brand and shares our vision of the future of the skilled trade community. They pursue their passions and make the skilled trades an integral part of their lives - one that empowers them and informs their convictions. We want to share their passions and help make a larger impact on the trades. 

For our first ever limited edition tee we teamed up with Tim Uhler of Awesome Framers to create a tee shirt that will benefit an organization right in Truewerk’s backyard, TACT (Teaching The Autism Community Trades). The Autism community is the highest unemployment sector in the US, currently at 90%. TACT’s programs lead to employable jobs + lasting careers that are personally fulfilling and suited to each individual’s strengths.


Want to help us spread our mission?:

Know an organization we should team up with? Let us know here. (link google form here)

Grab our limited edition tee (link PDP here) for you and a friend.

Check out how we have teamed up with community organizations in the past.

Apply to be an ambassador.

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