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Meet the B1 Sun Hoodie

Truewerk's product is designed and tested with you in mind. Like many of you, our founder and other product testers work with their hands creating a sense of purpose and productivity. They know for those of us that work and play outside, the sun is a significant threat and protection is crucial for living a long, healthy life. But, the struggles of sunscreen and sunburn? All too familiar...so, creating a product that offers protection on the job without the hassle and film that comes with sunscreen application was a no brainer.

The B1 is the new and improved version of the former T.5 WerkHoody with additional features, details, and design to embrace the nature of what you do. Compared to the T.5, our B1 fabric is lighter, softer, stretchier, and more breathable to keep you cool on hot days. An updated fit on the hood and higher UPF rating provide better sun protection, and removal of the cuffs and waistband allows for easier movement.

The drive to create the performance and quality in our products at Truewerk stems from a belief that our customers are critical in keeping society functioning - and, therefore need the best apparel and tools that we can provide them to make sure that their jobs are successful. It's a virtuous cycle. If they're not successful, society won't be successful.

It's not just about what happens on the job site for us, it's about creating a better life - and way of life - for all our customers. 

Show us YOUR way of life when you're wearing the B1 SunHoodie by tagging us on instagram @Truewerk! 


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