The Protrait Project

Living Like a Pro

When you think of a trade professional, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? The average bystander might think of a hardworking, rough around the edges type. But when we think of trade pros, we think bigger: entrepreneurs, artists, innovators, outdoor enthusiasts, community leaders, and industrial athletes. It’s time the rest of the world was on the same page.

Life in the trades is unique. You can follow your passions, learn valuable skills, and still leave enough time in the day to do what you love (outside of work). It’s a world away from typical corporate life behind a desk.

We know the ingenuity, passion and joy you bring to your work as a professional doesn’t end when you’re off the clock - it’s a mindset you bring to your whole life. That mindset, and the life that these careers allow you to live, is something to celebrate.

Workwear for Life

We know that your lives don’t start and end at the job site. After all, many industry professionals find their way into this field for the freedom and flexibility to set their own schedules, pursue their hobbies and spend more time with the people they love.

At Truewerk, we take pride in creating workwear that’s the best in the league not just for work, but for life outside of it, too. Features like 4-way stretch, wicking finishes, sun protection and streamlined fit make our gear perfect for whether you’re framing a home or backyard barbecuing with the family. We believe your gear should be a no-brainer from the color combinations to the way you layer.

The People Behind the Product

The Portrait Project is a celebration of the full life a career in the trades allows you to lead. We want to know: how do you excel at your craft? What is a little-known aspect of your job you want the world to know about? How do you unwind when the day wraps up?

By showing behind-the-scenes of the work and the people that do it, we can help change the stigma surrounding the trades. We embrace the challenge of becoming smarter and stronger than yesterday. Together, we can prove that life in the trades is a step up by recognizing our unique journeys, sharing our knowledge, and showing that trade pros are so much more than nameless individuals on a job site.

Share Your Story

Tell us, how do you live like a pro? It’s being proud of your skills, your knowledge and your purpose in the community. Having the freedom to spend more time with the people you love while still providing for them. Bringing new life to age-old work.

Give us the nitty-gritty details, from how you excel at your craft to how your career lets you create a life you’re proud of. If you can answer any of these questions, we want to hear from you:

  • What does your day-to-day job entail? 
  • How does the gear you wear affect your performance? 
  • What unique skills does your job require that people might not be aware of? 
  • How do you prep for and recover from a day of work? 
  • What’s the most physically demanding part of your job? 
  • How do new tools and technology make your work more efficient? 
  • How do you make the effort to expand your knowledge or skill set?
  • What do people not know about you or your job that they might be surprised by? 
  • Where do you find community or camaraderie in your life? 
  • Who are you off the job site?

Get your story ready to show the world. Take us on a ride through your world and show us what a day on-site looks like. Then, give us a glimpse into what’s behind the magic—you!

We are looking for two different kinds of photos: one of you on the job site and the other wherever you feel the most alive. For some pros, it's hiking through the mountainsides, and for others, it's backyard barbecuing with the family.

Submit your questions and photos here. Let’s show the world what it looks like to live like a pro.

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