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Talking Hydration with Dr. Missy Albrecht PT, DPT

We’re not experts on the importance of hydration at Truewerk, so we talked with someone who is. Dr. Missy Albrecht is the owner of Invincible and a doctor of physical therapy focusing on helping people move better from the outside in and inside out through self care, education and movement. 

Watch the video to learn more about water, why we need it and ways you can increase your intake. Plus, share our spark notes version (below the video) of Dr. Albrecht’s key takeaways with the rest of the crew.

Takeaways for the Crew

  • Our body’s are made up of almost 60% water, so when we’re missing that component - our cells don’t function well
  • When you’re doing physical work, you’re also sweating out crucial electrolytes - rehydrating replenishes those electrolytes that you need
  • A general rule of thumb for staying hydrated is half your body weight in ounces but that doesn’t include your coffee, soda, sweat. Getting on the scale to find out your weight pre + post shift can tell you how much more you need to consume. 
  • Pay attention to how your body feels throughout the day 
  • Headache, fatigue, cramping, pain - are all signs of dehydration (Water typically solves your common problems)
  • Look at the color of your urine. If it’s completely clear, you may be consuming a lot of water, but not absorbing it. If it’s bright yellow, that’s not good either. You want it to be a pale or faint yellow. 
  • Pinch your skin, it should drop down quickly because your tissues are hydrated. If you pinch and it takes a few seconds for your skin to drop down - you might be a little dehydrated. 
  • Get a hydration pack, so you just have it on you wherever you are and do the math of how many times you need to refill throughout the day to meet your required amount of the day. 
  • Processed foods don’t give you a lot of water, vegetables and fruit provide more hydration. 
  • There’s not one hard + fast rule for hydration, the key is paying attention to your body. 

Thanks for tuning in! We hope this video made you thirsty. Tell us what you want to see next, if you found this information helpful and show us how you’re hydrating in the comments section or by tagging us on instagram @Truewerk

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