Tech Flannel - Men's Fit

Color: Buffalo Check
Size: S
Style # F19-0011-S-BC In stock

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Our elevated take on a classic plaid work shirt will be your new favorite flannel. Soft, stretch fabric anticipates movements and a "just right" fit give you all-day comfort. Ease of wear with sleek snap-up buttons and front pockets you can actually use.
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From the field

"I am a carpenter by trade but I also have to go to many meetings and look decent. This shirt can be worn for both. Dust does not stick to this shirt like it does to my other button ups or flannels. It brushes right off."

- Dane S.

"I bought an EDO work shirt and it quickly turned into my favorite work shirt while in the shop. Sawdust doesn’t stick to it, it’s nicely tailored, and it’s great ripping open the snap buttons like a savage beast when it gets too warm. Without knowing I had one, my brother bought me the same shirt for Christmas, and now I’m twice as happy."

- Eric W.

"Has quickly become my favorite new shirt. Good fit/cut but still room to move. Warm as a layer and comfy fabric and dries quick and stays pretty wrinkle free. Shirt came quickly."

- Jeffrey S.

Complete the system

Inspired by elite military and professional mountain guides, but engineered for work. We’ve created the world’s first integrated workwear system, where each piece is designed to work together.