TRUEWERK offers a pro deal to select individuals and groups who truly work wonders in our communities. From educating and inspiring future generations to serving in your community, we want to make sure you're outfitted with high-performance workwear that helps you perform at your best. 
All we ask in return is that you continue to work wonders and, when possible, let TRUEWERK share your story and work with our community. 
The Pro Deal is open to the following individuals or groups: 
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Actively in trade apprenticeship or mentorship programs

Pro Deal Rules and Conditions

This program is provided as a benefit to you as an individual. That said, we do have some ground rules.
  1. Please do not share your pro deal discount with anyone. It should not be used to outfit groups of individuals. 
  2. Do not resell TRUEWERK gear.
  3. Points from our loyalty program cannot be earned or applied in conjunction with the pro deal.

Bottom line, we’re stoked to offer this pro deal to you. In return, please don’t abuse it! Any account that is flagged for fraud or abuse of the pro deal will be removed from the program. 

Applications for the Pro Deal are currently closed. Customers with existing pro deal accounts can log in HERE.

If you’re an existing customer and would like to join the Pro Deal program, please email  with a couple of sentences about your professional background. The signup form will give you an error if you’re an existing customer.