Brad Near

Brad Near


Brad Near 


Findlay OH 


Plumbing/Drain cleaning 



Master plumber, licensed backflow tester, private well water systems, and sewer tapper. ODOT gas service line qualification 

Favorite social accounts, podcasts and other resources: 

World Plumbers IG. Minority Mindset. Bigger Pockets. 

Words to live by: 

Slow is smooth; smooth is fast. You’re either learning or dying. I could train a monkey, but I can’t make anyone care. 

How do you elevate the trade industry? 

Always learning from others, and passing along successes and failures alike.

What’s something you’re proud of? 

Continually utilizing new technology to better my work and bring better options to my customers. 

What’s your go-to TRUEWERK gear? 

T1 pants. 

Favorite thing about being a TRUEWERK ambassador? 

Getting excited about comfortable, durable workwear. Real world content of using the clothing in my environment and being able to fully recommend a product or not. Being able to pass along my experience of great workwear and allowing others to see there are other options that standard out-of-date denim jeans.

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