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How to Layer Clothing When You’re Working in Cold Weather, Hot Weather, or Bad Weather

“Close” only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades. When you’re on the job you don’t want workwear that’s “close” to getting it right. You want it spot-on. Truewerk’s Layer Systems are the best answer on the market....

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Reimagining Entrepreneurship - Small Business Month

There are so many reasons why individuals start their own businesses, whether the sound of being their own boss is too appealing to pass up or they simply want more time to pursue their passions (and make...

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How to Stay Safe & Comfortable on the Job

From Comfortable Work Clothes to On-the-Job Training As our world evolves to demand instant results and meet immediate deadlines, many safety best practices start to feel like they slow down work, waste time, and throw away money....

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Welcome to The Werk Journal, our industrial athlete workwear blog. Trade workwear has come a long way since the days of jeans and canvas. There are better options available now thanks to the development of new technical fabrics and improved textile manufacturing, and Truewerk is on the leading edge of engineering and manufacturing these products—from pants, to shirts, to jackets. However, many tradesmen and women aren’t aware of this yet, because news travels slowly and old habits die hard. So, we’re using this blog to spread the word and help make life in the trades a little easier, safer, and more sustainable.

What You’ll Find in The Werk Journal

Here in The Werk Journal, you’ll learn about:


  • Modern industrial athlete workwear products for men and women that provide superior flexibility, breathability, protection, and durability compared to denim.
  • Critical workwear accessories like socks, belts, and hats.
  • New product arrivals that improve upon what we’ve already been doing. We often use this workwear blog to make new product announcements.


  • How modern technical fabrics deliver a higher level of performance, and how they improve health and safety on the job.
  • How to take advantage of workwear as a system by combining the right workwear to get the best performance.


Better Workwear is Here

Grab a coffee and dive into the Truewerk industrial workwear blog. Learn more about how something as simple as the clothes on your back can make a huge difference on the job.