#BehindTheSeams: Layering for Pros

#BehindTheSeams: Layering for Pros

In the world of trade professionals, one constant remains: the unpredictability of the elements. While you can’t control the forecast, you can control how you prepare for uncertainties in the weather, especially when it comes to your workwear. Surprisingly, many workwear staples are incompatible (with each other and with job sites in general). Too snug, too baggy, too stiff, too heavy, with every additional layer contributing to another degree of lost mobility. This is where TRUEWERK’s unique and innovative approach comes in to transform the way you tackle the job, no matter the weather, season, or conditions.


TRUEWERK M3 Woobie Hoodie

The TRUEWERK Layering System: A Technical Shift in Workwear

When the founder of TRUEWERK says he started the company because his own experience as a builder had led him to believe workwear was broken, this was a big component of what he meant. So he introduced a revolutionary idea, that was also kind of just common sense, too. What if workwear was designed as a system where each layer was engineered to work with the others without restricting movement or comfort? Each layer could take advantage of different tech fabrics for different purposes, and you could easily adjust your gear throughout the day as conditions change. 


The TRUEWERK layering system is the realization of this vision. Three essential layers, each serving a unique purpose yet working cohesively to provide unmatched performance.


TRUEWERK S3 Solution Hoodie


Peeling Back the Layers

To pick the perfect gear for any conditions, here’s how our 2-part classification system works.

Step 1: Select your base, mid, and shell layers (B, M, S)


Step 2:

Select your warmth level–the higher the number, the warmer the garment. (1, 2, 3, 4)

Base: Worn closest to the skin, our base layers provide four-way stretch for maximum mobility and pull moisture away from your body, keeping you comfortable and dry.

Mid: Transitional layers insulate without adding extra weight or bulk, allowing you to easily adjust your gear throughout the day to match any changes in temperature or conditions.

Shell: The outermost layer is designed with softshell fabric to protect you from Mother Nature and hazards on the job. Our shells offer extreme stretch and allow moisture to evaporate without letting more in.


TRUEWERK B2 Quarter Zip

The System In Action

To demonstrate, let’s say you wake up to a cold, wet morning. You head to your closet and put the TRUEWERK system to the test.


  1. B2 Henley–an optimized base layer

Your journey begins with the B2 Henley, a lightweight and comfortable base layer designed to keep you dry. As you put it on, you can feel its moisture-wicking capabilities working to keep sweat at bay. Importantly, its slim profile ensures that it doesn’t interfere with the layers to come.


  1. M3 Woobie Hoodie–keeping your core warm

Over the base layer, you slip into the M3 Woobie Hoodie. This mid-layer is your secret weapon for staying warm without sacrificing mobility. Its innovative design ensures that your range of motion remains unrestricted, allowing you to work comfortably.


  1. S3 Solution Hoodie–heavy-duty without the bulk 

Finally, you put on the S3 Solution Hoodie, the robust outer layer that defies its stereotype. It protects against the elements yet feels surprisingly light. 


So, as you prepare for another day on the job, consider how the TRUEWERK layering system can transform your experience. It’s not just about staying warm or dry, it’s about reaching a new level of comfort and mobility that will elevate your performance and redefine your expectations of workwear.


Are you ready to step into the future of workwear? TRUEWERK is leading the way, one layer at a time. Get with the system and shop TRUEWERK.com.

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