Field Test: M3 Woobie Hoodie & Rob Rein

Field Test: M3 Woobie Hoodie & Rob Rein

TRUEWERK ambassador Rob Rein works in carpentry, woodworking, and construction in the dynamic climate of western New York state—where transitioning through the four seasons takes more than throwing on a light sweatshirt. Through summer heat, winter cold, and everything in between, Rob looks to TRUEWERK to help him prepare for whatever conditions he might face, whether he’s building a deck on a frigid November morning or getting in a session at the gym before dinner.


While the weather cools down, the Woobie Hoodie has been a game-changer for him. Inspired by the military-issue poncho liner, the extremely light, comfortable, and flexible M3 Woobie Hoodie is a premium synthetic mid-layer that insulates with complete moisture management. 

TRUEWERK ambassador Rob Rein in the M3 Woobie Hoodie

"I'm based just south of Canada, so it's really cold here," Rob chimes in at the beginning of our call. "From November through April, it could be anywhere from 45 degrees to minus five degrees Fahrenheit. And just because it's cold doesn't mean work stops. So one of the things that TRUEWERK has allowed me to do is to stay outdoors for 12 months of the year. I could still be outside building in the early spring or late winter and not be uncomfortable or feel unsafe."


Rob's appreciation for the Woobie Hoodie stems from its unique ability to cater to his specific needs. The Woobie Hoodie's balance of warmth and maneuverability has allowed Rob to tackle his job confidently, even during the harsh winters of Western New York. 


"For someone like me, who's bigger and has broad shoulders, finding suitable outdoor wear has always been a challenge," Rob shares. "When it's 10 degrees out, you need protection and warmth while also having outerwear be as thin as possible. And that's what gets me to the Woobie." The Woobie Hoodie offers a comfortable fit that accommodates the need for flexibility while providing unmatched protection.

TRUEWERK ambassador Rob Rein in the M3 Woobie Hoodie

"TRUEWERK has given me the solution I've been searching for," he says. "I'm an athlete and played sports all my life. And with your workwear, it's comfortable, you can move in it. There are other brands where I reach across to hang a piece of shiplap, and my entire shirt goes with me. It's uncomfortable and by the end of the day, I'm ready to put something else on. But if I'm out in the snow or rain with my T2s and Woobie I'm good to go. It's warm and comfortable at the same time as being completely functional."


His enthusiasm extends to the unexpected weather resistance of the Woobie Hoodie. "When you look at it, you wouldn't guess that it's weatherproof because it’s not bulky or thick. But I've worn it in rain and snow, and it rolls off like nothing. And you when you hang it up, it dries quick." Rob says. Thanks to the DWR-treated exterior, the hoodie's ability to repel rain and snow while remaining breathable has allowed Rob to comfortably tackle outdoor tasks, regardless of the weather. Additionally, the hoodie's wicking properties ensure that it's ready for action even after exposure to wet conditions.


Maybe the best review Rob could give comes from his family. “You know, some workwear is obnoxiously workwear,” he explains. “My wife and daughter will always say things like, ‘those are work boots, not church boots.’ But of anything I wear, it’s the TRUEWERK stuff that never gets any complaints,” he laughs. "I could wear it to the mall and nobody knows different, which is really important to me. Between coaching my kids and working as a social worker, I don't have to change if I know I have a project to tackle in the afternoon." 


At TRUEWERK, we’re proud to engineer high-performance gear for any season, and with a modern, professional look, it's a bonus when it's wife and daughter approved.


Connect with Rob at @gingerwoodworks on Instagram and catch him on Renovation Hunters, a network original from the Outdoor Channel and streaming on Hulu.

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