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There’s a New Dawn in the Trades

And we aim to elevate the lives and work of modern tradesmen and women.


We’re reframing what it means to work in the trades, leaving behind outdated stereotypes rooted in old school ideas of tradesmen and women joylessly toiling away for meager wages. We’re not industrial revolution factory workers. We’re modern media-savvy trade professionals who use our skills, creativity and our hands to create lives for ourselves, our families and our communities.


Workwear was the original performance apparel, but at some point we settled for familiar - but outdated - fabrics that don’t measure up to modern work. We here to reclaim that legacy and bring a new generation of tradespeople the technologies, materials, techniques and ideas to restore workwear to the forefront of apparel innovation. Staying in the flow state at work starts with what you put on that morning.


Truewerk began with the idea that business can be a force for advancing humanity, not just profiting from it. We strive to recognize and reduce the stigmas around tradework, listen to and amplify voices within the community and work to change the system which too often presents trade work as a step back, not a step up.

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Brian cut his teeth in construction building homes in Winter Park, CO. There he saw first hand how broken workwear was and how it portrayed the new generation of tradespeople around him. 

“I founded Truewerk on my belief that life and work in the skilled trades are fundamentally misunderstood. Today, we exist to not only correct those misconceptions, but to champion the next generation of tradespeople who will choose to build America with their creativity, ingenuity and business savvy.”

– Brian Ciciora, Founder