Our Mission—

We’re hell-bent on building the most technical, high performing workwear in the world.

Multi Column- Truewerk Jacket
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“In the 1800s, workwear was the most high performing garment in the United States, but the industry hasn’t kept up with advancements in fabric technology since. The people who our society depends on should not be the last ones to benefit from it. It’s our mission to once again make workwear the gold standard in apparel performance.”

—TRUEWERK Founder & CEO, Brian Ciciora

T2 WerkPants Buildings - Truewerk Workwear

A Note from Brian—

I get asked why I started TRUEWERK all the time. It’s an easy answer, but it’s not always the answer people want to hear.

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The truth is, I started TRUEWERK because I was tired of being frustrated. I was tired of being told “that’s just how it is.” I was tired of my pants freezing up after a day of framing houses up in the Rockies. I was tired of the trades being misunderstood. I wasn’t willing to just sit around and watch all the guys on my crew, all these professionals we rely on to build the world and make it work, deal with sub-par workwear and gear. Today’s trade professionals deal with increasingly complex and technical jobs, possess a tremendous amount of creativity and capability, so why does our workwear look the same as it did a century ago?

So why did I start TRUEWERK? I started TRUEWERK because you deserve workwear that matches your style of work, your style of life. Something that is as technical and high-performing as you. So, I should really say thanks, for helping us start TRUEWERK. We do this for you.

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The Gear

TRUEWERK started with a four-piece winter collection, including the high-performance T3 WerkPant, expanding to nearly 60 products (and growing) for all climates and trades today. Designed in Denver, Colorado, the ever-changing weather and outdoor-focused lifestyle heavily influence the gear we build. From the product that put us on the map and the world’s leading softshell work pant, the T2 WerkPant, to developing a series of highly versatile, integrated layers for any job site or condition, the Workwear System, we pride ourselves on constantly being on the forefront of workwear innovation.

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The Manifesto

We believe that the professionals who build the worlds of today and tomorrow shouldn’t be held back by workwear of the past. From helping turn on a neighbor’s power to building structures that power an entire community, the creativity, ingenuity, and physical skill used every day by trade professionals leave a huge impact on our daily lives. And that’s something that deserves to be celebrated. 

Every product TRUEWERK creates is made with modern trade professionals' comfort, protection, and ability to perform in mind. This is what we believe, this is what guides us every day, and nothing is going to stop us from continuing to build better workwear for the men and women who need it.

Media with Text -Tool Sharpening in the T1 WerkPants

The Community

When it comes to your craft, we know you’re the expert. We trust only the best to test our gear in the field before it shows up on your doorstep, whether that be sending out prototypes to be put to work in all kinds of climates and job sites or co-developing gear with companies we admire. Every one of our photos, from this website to our catalogs, features real trade professionals on their job sites. We scour our reviews, emails, and socials to learn what’s missing in the workwear market–and then we build it. Our community of ambassadors, the WerkForce, is a group of small business owners, educators, creators, and innovators. Just like you, they pursue their passions and make the trades an integral part of their lives—we’re proud that they represent TRUEWERK.

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