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Truewerk was founded in 2015 with a simple mission: to engineer the world’s most technically advanced performance workwear. Before building the brand, Brian Ciciora built homes in the Colorado mountains. He realized the traditional workwear fabrics used since the Industrial Revolution—restrictive cotton canvas and duck cloth—just didn’t cut it for modern work, especially in inclement weather. Many frozen pant legs later, he knew there had to be a better option. One that made trade pros more comfortable, confident, and capable on and off the job site.


On a trip to Europe, Brian noticed trade workers in garments that looked more like what he wore skiing and mountain climbing. He thought trade professionals back home could also benefit from the emerging clothing technology in outdoor apparel. Truewerk launched in 2015 with a four-piece winter collection, expanding to nearly 60 products (and growing) for all climates and industries today. Designed in Denver, Colorado, the ever-changing weather and outdoor-focused lifestyle heavily influence the gear we dream up. From our core product and the world’s first softshell work pant, the T2 WerkPant, to creating highly versatile, integrated layers for any job site, the Workwear System.

The Why

The people who build the worlds of today and tomorrow shouldn’t be held back by workwear of the past. From helping turn on a neighbor’s power to building structures that power an entire community, the creativity, ingenuity, and physical skill used every day by trade professionals leaves a huge impact on our daily lives. And that’s something that deserves to be celebrated. Every product Truewerk creates is made with trade professional’s comfort, protection, and ability to perform in mind. By engineering the highest performance workwear on the market, we take care of the folks who Werk Wonders at every level imaginable.

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Brian cut his teeth in construction building homes in Winter Park, CO. There he saw first hand how broken workwear was and how it portrayed the new generation of tradespeople around him. 

“I founded Truewerk on my belief that life and work in the skilled trades are fundamentally misunderstood. Today, we exist to not only correct those misconceptions, but to champion the next generation of tradespeople who will choose to build America with their creativity, ingenuity and business savvy.”

– Brian Ciciora, Founder