B1 Sun Hoodie - Men's Fit

Color: Dark Heathered Grey
Size: S
Style # S22-0045-S-DHG In stock

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It's not just a work hoodie, it's performance workwear. Built to keep you cool, comfortable and provides UPF+50 sun protection, the B1 Sun Hoodie destroys other workwear hoodies. Great for the work day and anywhere life takes you.

Fit & Care

This lightweight, breathable men's sun protection hoodie has a fit that is focused on comfort and freedom of movement. It keeps you dry when you’re sweating, thermoregulating so you’re not too hot or cold. Wash the B1 Sun Hoodie for work like you would wash jeans. (See care instructions.)

UV Protection

The B1 Sun Hoodie is a UV protection hoodie that’s built with long sleeves and a hood to keep your whole upper body safe from getting scorched under the sun. Don’t be fooled by the thin material—our synthetic technical fabric blend is 100% effective at blocking harmful UV rays.

Stays Out of Your Way, Keeps You Going

The B1 Sun Hoodie fits easily under a hard hat or helmet, and won’t get in your way. It has lots of reach in the sleeves without being too loose, and serves as a great base layer for other weather conditions. Because if you’re comfortable, dry, and mobile throughout the day, you’re going to conserve energy and last longer on the job.

This is the most technically advanced hoodie for work on the market: a men's sun protection hoodie that’s still breathable and protective. We carry many sizes and colors, including high-visibility colors for working in traffic or poor visibility conditions. We also carry a women’s fit version.

Let us know if you want us to stock other sizes and colors. We listen to what our customers are asking for, and when there’s enough demand for something we will make it happen.

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From the field

"I never realized how much working in the sun fatigued me. I work in construction full time and this totally changes the game. I have 3 of these hooded shirts but bet your ass I’ll be owning more soon. Definitely worth the money!"

- Josh L.

"Skeptical because it's a hoodie/shirt? I was too. Don't be! I LOVE this thing. I work in Texas so it's hot, all the time. You can literally wear this in every situation. The rip resistance is incredible, especially since you can feel every breeze! I'm gonna get more for sure."

- Nathan T.

"This shirt really takes the sting out of the summer sun! I can work all day outside in this without getting overheated or burned! A valuable part of my summer work-wear arsenal!"

- Mark M.

Complete the system

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