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“Performance” means that your work clothes are doing everything they can to keep you comfortable and productive on the job. Our workwear is lightweight so that it doesn’t bog you down. It’s flexible so that it doesn’t hold you back. It’s breathable to help keep you dry. It’s durable so that you won’t have to replace it any time soon, even in harsh conditions. And it’s comfortable to keep you in the flow while on the job.

We use modern, highly technical fabrics that go way beyond traditional materials like denim jeans and cotton shirts. By blending a variety of traditional and modern materials together, and using multiple layers of fabrics in some cases, we can construct clothing that will shock you at how good it is at doing its job.

We’ve also designed our workwear to function together in a system, inspired by elite military and mountaineering apparel. So instead of a single solution, you’re able to select which items will keep you comfortable for the day, while keeping the flexibility to adapt on the job site. In our workwear system, the shell layers provide protection from the elements while offering four-way stretch so you don’t lose flexibility.. The middle layers add insulation without bulk.And the base layers help to manage moisture and help keep you dry and comfortable. All the layers are thin, minimizing weight and bulk.

Our T-Series (“Technical”) fabrics live up to their name! These sophisticated materials are expertly blended to yield amazing performance. They range from T.5 (that’s point-five) all the way up to T4, with larger numbers signifying greater warmth.

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We sell an extensive variety of workwear including pants, shorts, shirts, hoodies, socks, hats, and more. Our goal is to provide workwear for all general work roles in the trades and in industry, as well as common types of specialized gear (such as our high-visibility collection).

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Yes! Our T-Series fabrics go from T.5 (hottest weather) all the way up to T4 (coldest weather). You can combine layers however you like in order to get the levels of breathability, thermal insulation, and water resistance that you want. And if conditions shift during the day, just shed (or add!) a layer.

Wholesale, Discounts & Deals

Yes, we do! Our website is set up to allow you to request to open an account with us to make ordering easy and convenient. Ordering in bulk also gives you access to tiered pricing discounts.

We sure do! We offer a 15% discount on all merchandise to military members and families (including veterans), first responders, government employees, teachers, and students. This discount can’t be combined with other sales or coupons, but it’s great for when the item you want isn’t currently on sale.

We sure do! It’s a generous one, too: Every point is worth a full dime (10 cents). That’s 10 points per dollar of savings!

In addition to using your points to save money on your purchases, we also offer perks and benefits to people who build up lots of points, such as exclusive offers, early access to sales, and free shipping.

Shipping, Returns, & Assistance

We currently offer free shipping for orders of $79 or greater. You can potentially earn more shipping benefits by joining our Rewards Program.

Orders are processed within 1 – 2 business days and shipped promptly thereafter. Due to USPS problems, we currently ship through FedEx only.

In most cases, we offer refunds for up to 45 days and store credit or exchanges for up to 90 days. There are a few situations where we cannot accept returns (such as items contaminated by pet hair)

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