We’re striving to create workwear that fixes what’s broken for every body type in the skilled trades.
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    Wear In
    T1 WerkPant - Women's Fit Truewerk Deep Grey 0 31.5
    Warmth Level: Summer/Spring
    Deep Grey
    T2 WerkPant - Women's Fit Truewerk Sand 0 32
    Warmth Level: 3 Season
    Deep Grey

    Working in a trade shouldn’t mean you have to make trade-offs with your clothing. Every woman knows the frustration of finding a pair of pants that look and feel great, only to discover you can’t even fit half of your phone in the pocket — or worse, that the pockets aren’t real at all! Pockets are always handy, especially when you’re hard at work. If you’re searching for women’s work pants with pockets, Truewerk has what you need to make work more efficient, comfortable, and convenient.

    In addition to those pockets, we designed our women’s workwear with a variety of other important features like four-way stretch, water resistance, and abrasion resistance. Let those wardrobe malfunctions make themselves a thing of the past, and don’t let the guys get away with having the best workwear . Get your own women’s workwear pants today and discover rugged, well-made products at Truewerk.