TRUEWERK took inspiration from outdoor, athletic, and military apparel and applied technical fabrics to the job site, to engineer the industry’s most flexible, comfortable, and high-performance workwear for today’s modern trade professionals.


Double-Woven Softshell

The performance fabric that put TRUEWERK on the map is engineered to be more flexible, lightweight, and comfortable than traditional canvas or denim. Tightly woven on the outside to resist tears and abrasions and loosely woven on the inside for comfort next to the skin. Our softshell fabric is highly breathable and built to last with superior protection from weather or job site stressors. A range of TRUEWERK products utilize softshell technology, with a variety of weights, moisture management treatments, and fabric blends for your unique needs.


B1 Fabric

From unmatched standalone sun protection to a breathable first layer in your Workwear System, B1 fabric is highly versatile for any job site or season. A blend of synthetic fibers with multi-directional stretch are tightly woven together in an interlock knit construction, making B1 products resistant to tears, abrasion, and pilling. The tight weave also block’s the sun’s rays from reaching your skin with UPF 50+. Highly breathable and finished with a wicking treatment, B1 is ideal for year-round performance.


B2 Fabric

Our B2 fabric is the next step up for base layers when you need a little additional warmth without creating extra bulk. Slightly heavier than B1 fabric, it’s mechanically brushed on both sides for an extra-soft feel next to the skin for all-day comfort. Large 100D yarns supply the underlying abrasion- and tear-resistance you need on the jobsite while a wicking treatment keeps you dry, even while wearing multiple layers.


Cloud Fabric

Lightweight Cloud fabric provides unparalleled comfort and breathability in even the hottest conditions. Sweat-wicking technology pulls moisture away from the skin 4X faster than untreated fabrics, drying quickly to keep you cool. A composition of Polyester Bicomponent crimped fibers allows the fabric to stretch without Spandex, which can soak up moisture and odors. Cloud fabric has superior air flow, registering an air permeability of just over 20cfm (a level regularly seen in activewear). It provides premier sun protection with UPF 30+, allowing only 1/30th of available UV rays to pass through the fabric. In comparison, an average white cotton tee has a UPF 5. Our lightest and most breathable fabric, Cloud is best suited for low-impact work.


Grid and Hex Fleece

Our Grid and Hex Fleeces are created by weaving Polyester fibers together, knitting extra fibers into a grid shape, then brushing the backside of the fabric for a soft texture. The pattern creates a mechanical wicking action caused by the different surface areas on the outside (large, smooth surface) and inside (small, grid pattern) of the garment. Moisture is pulled from the body to the surface to keep you warm and lets the garment dry quickly. Grid Fleece, often found in our cold weather workwear linings, provides more space against the body, keeping warm air close while allowing it to circulate through the grids. The pattern also reduces overall fabric mass, making it easier to layer without restriction or bulk.

Three-Layer Bonded Fabric—

Three-Layer Bonded Fabric

Exterior Layer—Polyester/spandex ripstop shell with a DWR treatment

Provides protection from tears and snags, stretches, blocks wind and repels water.

Interior Layer—Polyester grid fleece backer

Design creates a mechanical wicking action, pulling sweat away from your body to keep you dry. It also provides more air space against the body and traps warm air.

Middle Layer—TPU clear laminate membrane

Moisture barrier. While the membrane is waterproof, it’s not vapor-proof. This means larger water molecules (like raindrops) can’t get in, but water vapors (like evaporating sweat) can escape.

Comfortable at any temperature—

Our technical performance fabrics are engineered to work together in an integrated system, effectively moving moisture through each layer while providing comfort and protection from the base to the shell.

Comfortable at any temperature
Comfortable at any temperature