Field Test: XP WerkPant & Ziegler CAT

Field Test: XP WerkPant & Ziegler CAT

Behind this exceptional product lies an equally exceptional partnership. Meet Ziegler CAT, a powerhouse in heavy machinery and specialized services. TRUEWERK had previously developed a few pieces for their team when we were tasked with creating a core uniform staple for their technicians. To understand our approach, let’s take a closer look at the XP WerkPant and delve into its journey from conception to reality through our collaboration with Ziegler CAT. 


XP WerkPant

The Birth of the XP WerkPant

It all started when Ziegler CAT approached us with a challenge. A company deeply committed to its employees, they knew that standard poly-cotton bibs and coveralls lacked flexibility, stayed soaked through the day, and hadn’t had a design update since the 1950s. Ziegler wanted their technicians to feel proud of their uniforms with gear that felt just as modern and professional as their career field.

Knowing that they needed an upgrade from their standard uniform provider, Ziegler’s workforce was in need of something that would withstand greasy conditions, perform in outdoor and indoor settings, provide maximum flexibility, and meet requirements for industrial laundry. A tall order, but one we were ready to take on.


Ziegler CAT employee wearing TRUEWERK XP WerkPant


Collaboration and Product Development

To address Ziegler’s unique challenges, a small TRUEWERK team worked closely with them from conception to create a uniform. Knowing they were fans of the look and feel of our T-line work pants, we adapted the fabric and features to be compatible with their specific needs. Prototypes were meticulously crafted and tested to ensure the fabric, fit, and features were on point. These pants had to be completely flexible and lightweight without compromising their ability to withstand the frequent crawling around (and under, and in-between) heavy machinery and agriculture equipment. The result was the birth of the XP WerkPant–a breakthrough in workwear designed explicitly for Ziegler’s workforce.


Ziegler CAT employee wearing TRUEWERK XP WerkPant


Put Into Practice

Now tried, tested, and on the market for all TRUEWERK customers, the XP WerkPant boasts several features that set it apart as a next-level workwear solution. Built-in knee pads offer crucial protection for technicians who spend hours working low. Four-way stretch fabric and articulated legs offer unhindered mobility. And not just any fabric can stand up to the demanding environment of a sweltering shop, which is why our highly breathable, moisture-wicking material is crucial for withstanding repeated stress and industrial laundering. Just between the weight of our T1 and T2 WerkPants, the XP WerkPant has the tear resistance and moisture management you need to get the job done. One Ziegler tech reported, "The pocket orientation is right where it should be, and the stretch in the material is a big plus.”

The extended elastic waistband ensures a comfortable fit, even when size fluctuates throughout the year. And we didn’t forget features that may seem minor but are essential for staying in your workflow–like an enlarged phone pocket, pencil slot, and utility cargo pocket. It’s the sum of these small, thoughtful touches that make the XP WerkPant the ultimate engineered solution. Joseph Packard, Manager of Procurement and Logistics said, “I think the most important aspect of this pant is that it is purpose-built, with the tech user in mind. We did not want to just give them any off-the-shelf pants, they needed to be comfortable, yet durable, and flexible for the various day-to-day needs.”

What’s Next

At TRUEWERK, we’re big believers in the power of collaboration. The XP WerkPant is proof of that. We’re proud of our partnership with Ziegler CAT and the resulting product that not only meets the needs of their team but of any technician working in similar environments.

It’s our mission to continue pushing the boundaries of workwear. And that means we'll never stop listening to the needs of professionals like you. So let us know what workwear is missing in your industry because the sky is the limit when we work together.

Ziegler CAT employee wearing TRUEWERK XP WerkPant   Ziegler CAT employee wearing TRUEWERK XP WerkPant


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