#BehindTheSeams: Meet the X-Line

#BehindTheSeams: Meet the X-Line

In the world of specialized trades, you need workwear that's one step ahead. TRUEWERK's X-Line offers game-changing technical workwear that has novel functionality with enhanced protection, designed for the needs of professionals facing extreme temperatures, hazardous materials, or physically demanding tasks unique to their trade. So when standard offerings just aren’t cutting it, the X-Line comes into play. 


TRUEWERK X1 Coverall

Let’s talk about two flagship products from the X-Line: the XP WerkPant and the X1 Coverall. The X1 Coverall is tailor-made for hot garages and challenging environments. It's equipped with smart zippers and pockets, air-permeable zones, stretch panels, and protective fabric. No matter the temperature or rugged conditions, the X1 Coverall is designed to keep you comfortable and protected throughout the day. 


The new XP WerkPant brings full mobility and comfort into a lightweight, performance-ready work pant. With built-in AirWerk knee pads, articulated legs, a flexible waistband, and highly breathable but tear-proof stretch fabric, these pants can handle job site stressors and industrial laundering. Perfect for mechanics, engineers, heavy equipment technicians, and any professional in the grease trades.


TRUEWERK AirWerk Knee Pad Pro

To make the work day even more comfortable, the XP WerkPant is compatible with TRUEWERK's new AirWerk Knee Pad Pro inserts. These knee pads are the most breathable and flexible on the market, providing enhanced protection and cushioning while easing the strain on your knees during long work hours.

When your work is specialized, your gear should be, too. Our X-Line is a testament to our dedication to always being at the forefront of innovation in the workwear industry. Those oversized cotton coveralls might have done the job in the 1950s, but fall short of delivering the performance that today's mechanics and technicians deserve. When you’re sweating it out in a hot garage (greasy floors and all), you still want those detailed features to get the job done. And if you look just as put together as when you clocked in for the day, well that's a bonus.

For our X-Line, this is just the start. We want to hear how we can tailor workwear for your specific profession. If you have any thoughts on what you'd like to see next, drop us a line. Your input could shape the next generation of workwear.

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