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#BehindTheSeams: T1 + Air Permeable Knee Pads

#BehindTheSeams: T1 + Air Permeable Knee Pads

Professionals like plumbers, mechanics, and construction workers know how important it is for your gear to work as hard as they do. Lightweight, functional overalls with reliable knee pads that provide comfort and flexibility make the difference. Meet: The T1 Overall with foam knee pad inserts.


We took the classic overall and reimagined it for unmatched performance in hot weather. With four-way stretch and breathable, lightweight fabric, these overalls are the perfect piece for your gear lineup. While designing the knee insert pairing, we looked back at the history of knee pads as workwear. Knee pads have been crucial for job site protection for decades. The earliest versions of knee pads were simple cushions or makeshift padding. As technology advanced and the demand for better workwear increased, they evolved into more specialized and ergonomic designs. TRUEWERK’s T1 Overalls include knee pad inserts that go above and beyond for comfort, flexibility, and breathability to make a serious difference on the job site.

Stiffness sucks. Discomfort and excessive sweating can slow you down. And heavy, inflexible fabric is a drag. The T1 Overalls change that narrative with four-way stretch, sweat-wicking tech, and abrasion- and tear-resistant fabric. The knee pad inserts are lightweight and cushioned for comfort, protecting your knees and preventing them from getting drenched with sweat. Enduring discomfort is a thing of the past—just like those inefficient designs.

T1 Overalls reign supreme when it comes to staying flexible. The articulated knees and inserts offer superior mobility that helps you crouch or squat without your legs locking or constant needs for adjustments. The knee pad inserts seamlessly slip in and out, allowing you to choose when and where you use them.


TRUEWERK T1 Overall Knee Pad Insert

With all of that stretching and bending, sweat enters the mix. No one wants to end a day with dripping knees. Our knee pad inserts feature a pattern of strategically placed holes that promote increased airflow. Innovation is in the design. Air circulates around your knees, keeping that sticky feeling at bay.

With unparalleled flexibility and intentionally designed airflow, the T1 Overall is the perfect tool to tackle any hot workday. If you’re ready to up your job site performance game, shop our collection.

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