Suzanne Cook

Suzanne Cook


Suzanne Cook (WTFarm Girl)





Social/Website:   Facebook/Instagram @wtfarm_girl


Circus Ringmaster

Favorite social accounts, podcasts and other resources:

On Instagram it's "Farmer Dolls", Cam is a Mid-West version of myself x10, and she's so sweet! Youtube it's Stoney Ridge Farmer or Keeping It Dutch. Both are new the the farming/homesteading game like myself, and we tend to have similar ideas on what we want to do!

Words to live by:

You never really know WHAT you are "good at" unless you try your hand at every new opportunity.

How do you elevate the trade industry?

I show others that you don't have to have a lifetime of experience or large muscles to run a farm. I show that mistakes are part of learning, and becoming better at what we do. That anyone with a bit of sense and passion to succeed CAN farm.

What’s something you’re proud of?

While I am proud of many things (hooking up, running and repairing ALL our equipment isn't enough?), my pride and joy is my Writing/Video Editing cabin. I bought the shell, and set to work finishing it off, from the wiring all the way to the decorating at the very end. I was never taught carpentry, and certainly had my mistakes. But it's absolutely breathtaking, and I can't believe I did it entirely on my own!

What’s your go-to TRUEWERK gear?

I'm not a sweatshirt person, but I am in LOVE with the M2 Grid Hoodie! It's roomy without being baggy, it's warm, it blocks the breeze and the phone pocket is GENIUS! BUT, if I had to pick ONE, hands down I would say ANY of the pants. I've gotten soooo many compliments on them out in public (they look that good) and it's better than working in your pajamas (I HAVE considered wearing them to bed). They block the wind, The T2 are roomy enough to wear a pair of long johns under in the winter, and the T1 are so lightweight they allow air to circulate to keep you cool while blocking major wind and sun AND protect your legs from abrasive materials (like hay bales  . . . something even jeans don't do). And let's not forget the pockets!

Favorite thing about being a TRUEWERK ambassador?

I like being able to represent a quality, well-made product. But more so, I never realized WHY workwear is such a great option to have. It's like another tool in your tool chest (and I LOVE new tools!) . . . you don't realize how badly you needed it until you start to use it!

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