Benefits of Winter Layering

Benefits of Winter Layering

When you’re uncomfortable working in cold weather or, even worse, ill-prepared, it can negatively affect your mental and physical health. The biggest concern for trade professionals working outside for long periods of time in the winter is hypothermia. Investing in the right gear and proper layering is crucial for coping with seasonal demands, which you can easily achieve with Truewerk’s Workwear System


Truewerk's S2 StormShell

How to Prepare

Effective layering is essentially creating your own heating and cooling system for your body. You can regulate temperature and comfort level by slipping layers on and off as your activity level or the weather changes. 

Instead of choosing 1-2 bulky items to combat the cold, like a t-shirt and a big jacket, select three well-fitting layers. For work in inclement weather, fleeces, thermals, and water-resistant pieces are your best options for staying dry and keeping warm.


Truewerk B2 Quarter Zip

Base Layer

The primary purpose of your base layer, the one closest to your skin, is to wick. Your body will use more energy to stay warm if your skin is wet, so opting for something that moves perspiration away from the skin and keeps it from freezing is key. Wicking fabrics need to be in contact with your skin to work properly. The piece you choose should have a snug but not a tight fit. Heavier or thicker fabrics will keep you warmer, though fabric weight will be up to personal preference and the climate you work in.

Truewerk’s B1 Sun Tee in short or long sleeves is a great base layer choice for most conditions. With 4-way stretch, breathable fabric, and four times the moisture-wicking ability of your average cotton tee, it moves with you and actively keeps you dry. For even colder temps, opt for a B2 Henley or Quarter Zip. With the same properties as the B1 in a mid-weight, brushed fabric, you can wear it alone as a base layer or over a t-shirt for added warmth. 


Truewerk M2 Grid Pullover

Mid Layer

Next up is your mid layer, an insulating piece that traps your body heat to protect you from the cold. Fleece dries fast and stays warm even if it gets damp—making it a favorite for wet weather. It also breathes well, preventing you from overheating. Another option is a layer with synthetic insulation, which retains its insulating properties even when damp. Because synthetic insulation gets packed inside a shell-like material, you have the added benefits of water and wind resistance.

Whatever your preference and needs, Truewerk has a great mid layer option. For that cozy next-to-skin feeling, the M2 Grid Pullover Hoodie and Full Zip Hoodie combine a durable, tear-resistant exterior with a breathable fleece interior. Our grid fleece resists moisture absorption and dries quickly, trapping warm body heat while letting perspiration escape. For more weather protection, try the M3 Woobie Hoodie or Vest. Lightweight but warm with 80 grams of polyester batting, the exterior has a DWR treatment, while the interior has a wicking treatment to keep you dry. All of our mid layers have 4-way stretch for effective layering that won’t restrict your movement. 


Truewerk S3 Solution Hoodie

Shell Layer

Your final layer, or shell, is the last line of protection between you and the elements. A shell should prevent you from getting wet, treated with DWR, so water beads up and rolls off. If the goal isn’t full waterproofing, a shell should also be breathable enough so sweat can escape. 

Truewerk has a range of shells in varying levels of warmth—all allowing moisture to evaporate without letting more in. Our S3 Solution Hoodie features our 3-layer bonded fabric technology, which combines a tough, water-resistant surface with a waterproof membrane and fleece liner that wicks sweat but traps warm air. For work in the coldest climates, the S4 Tower Parka has all the benefits of the S3 with additional insulation, placed lighter in the arms for increased mobility.


Truewerk Outerwear

Our Product Team’s Favorites

We checked in with the Truewerk product development team for their winter layering go-to’s. “Layering is the best way to tackle the outdoors, not just wearing a t-shirt and huge jacket, but carefully selecting your layers to manage your temperature,” said associate apparel developer Landin. Their picks:   

  • Base Layer - B1 Long Sleeve or B2 for colder climates 
  • Mid Layer - M3 Woobie Hoodie (a comfortable favorite!) 
  • Shell Layer - S3 Solution Hoodie for moderate cold, S4 Tower Parka for extreme cold

Build your ideal winter layering system for any weather condition. Shop our Workwear System.

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