Creating the M3 Woobie Hoodie

Creating the M3 Woobie Hoodie

Truewerk M3 Woobie Hoodie

What is a Woobie? 

One of the most well-known and well-loved items issued in the military is a “woobie.” Having been around for decades, the “liner, wet weather, poncho,” as it’s officially called, is a light yet surprisingly warm blanket that comes standard issue to soldiers with their outdoor gear and sleep system. They were first introduced during the Vietnam War when the wet, tropical climate required gear that would keep soldiers dry and provide warmth at night. Soldiers became attached to this item that provided physical and emotional comfort in the field, eventually giving it the pet name “woobie.” 

The poncho liner was unique, made from two lightweight and easily packable layers of nylon surrounding polyester filling. Excess parachute fabric left over from WWII was originally used to produce them. A hard seam stitch and simple but effective patterning kept pieces in place despite rough conditions. Most importantly, it retained heat while keeping out the cold, drying even quicker than a wool blanket.


Truewerk M3 Woobie Hoodie

Product Inspiration

Truewerk’s founder Brian Ciciora was visiting an outdoor shop in Colorado Springs when he came across a similar item—a lightweight, synthetic puffy in the distinct patterning of a woobie. With other members of the TRUEWERK staff having histories of developing military workwear systems or ties to veteran-led humanitarian organizations, Brian knew he wanted to pay homage to this beloved piece of gear.

We took the original quilted woobie pattern and applied TRUEWERK's distinct hex patterning. The key difference between our M3 Woobie Hoodie and other puffies on the market? The fact that it’s soft and stretchy, which most other ulta-light puffies today are not. 


Truewerk M3 Woobie Hoodie

Fabric Package

Our premium synthetic insulated mid layer uses 80gsm of polyester batting to keep the Woobie, like the original, light but warm. While down and wool insulation get heavy when wet, polyester is an effective option that dries much quicker. Nylon is well known for its durability, so we incorporated an 84% Nylon, 16% Spandex shell with 4-way stretch for tear resistance and mobility. 

We wanted to engineer a product that would also help keep trade professionals dry in changing weather conditions. The shell of the M3 Woobie Hoodie has a DWR treatment to shed water, while the Polyester interior has a wicking treatment. Our interior fibers keep sweat on the fabric surface, acting like channels to transport it to the outer layer, where it evaporates. The result is an effective mid layer that keeps you warm on both the exterior and interior.


Truewerk M3 Woobie Hoodie

Special Features

We packed a few more details in the Woobie Hoodie that make it our staff and customer’s go-to jacket for any weather. An adjustable hood and cuff gaskets keep out drafts, rain, and sawdust, acting as a perfect weather seal. Brushed Tricot fabric, derived from polyester, lines the pockets and holds in heat as hand-warmers. The lightweight material is easily packable, shrinking down enough to fit in its pocket. 

Check out the M3 Woobie, in both Hoodie, Jacket, and Vest styles, on truewerk.com. 

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