The B1: A Base Layer Worthy of Pros

The B1: A Base Layer Worthy of Pros

It’s shoulder season, that time of year when one minute you’re digging a trench in surprise snow and the next you’re cleaning up a worksite under a blazing sun. 

Enter the B1. The building block of the TRUEWERK Werkwear System, the B1 is the ultimate base that can be worn layered on cold days or on its own on hot ones.

Trade Pro wearing TRUEWERK B1 Long Sleeve

A Base Layer Made for Makers

You may think you’ve met base layers before. Every sporting goods manufacturer has one for hiking, skiing, or running. Those base layers are great for weekend warriors.  

TRUEWERK’s B1 Performance base layer was made for the dogged: Tradespersons. Contractors. The high-climbing, relentless, rain-or-shine makers of things that matter.   

For trade professionals looking for unmatched performance products, we made the B1 Performance line: technical workwear tops that layer as the first building block of your integrated Werkwear System. Modular and customizable based on conditions and elements, they work to keep you warm on a cold day or stand alone as a protective but breathable piece on a hot one. 

Plus, the B1 looks good doing its job. Not only does the B1s multi-directional stretch and sharp fit do away with bagging base layers or undershirts that ride up, but it’s also highly breathable and studded with wicking properties that pull moisture away. A blend of synthetic fibers that easily stretch are tightly woven together in an interlock knit construction, making B1 products resistant to tears and abrasion. So even if you rub up against a rough edge or snag a nail, the B1 won’t pill or shred.  

How the B1 Works

TRUEWERK’s B1 tops layer and function together as the starting piece for an integrated Werkwear System. Three individual shirts—the Performance tee in short sleeve and long sleeve and the Performance Hoodie—dovetail for one smooth, all-season fit. 


TRUEWERK B1 Sun Hoodie

Pill-Free and Built-In Sunscreen: What Makes B1 So Unique

Available in men’s and women’s styles, the B1 is hot but you won’t be: Each shirt features four-way stretch—so it moves when you move—is breathable, temperature-regulating, and made out of abrasion- and tear-resistant material. To top it all, these shirts are light on weight but heavy on protection: No matter whether you’re choosing a short sleeve tee or the ultra-flexible hoodie, UPF 50+ protection is built in. 

When to Wear It

Ideal year-round, and especially those times when the elements can change rapidly, the B1 works as a base layer but can also stand alone. Strip down to the B1 on a hot day and know you’re more than covered: Not only will it wick sweat away, it comes with SPF built in. 


Shop the B1-line, available in men's and women's fit, in short sleeve, long sleeve, and sun hoodie styles. 

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