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Vlog: The Design of the T2 WerkPant

The T2 WerkPant: Design from Truewerk on Vimeo.


Where We Found the Inspiration

A close up of the workwear construction and several pockets on the T2 WerkPant.

Other technologies have advanced considerably in the last 50 years, but workwear construction has been stuck in a holding pattern. Canvas and denim were great back in the day, but we can do a lot better now.

We took inspiration for the T2 WerkPant—find it in men’s T2 WerkPant and women’s T2 WerkPant—from mountain guides and rescue teams who faced serious environmental challenges in their work. We also took inspiration from military uniform design theory, with utility and durability being front and center.

It’s all about getting into that “flow state.” You want to be doing what you’re doing, straightforwardly, without your workwear getting in your way whatsoever. It’s there to help you, keep you mobile, protect you, and make sure you get the job done.

Bringing Softshell Tech to the Modern Job Site

Advancing the state of workwear construction means using better materials and putting them together smarter. For the clothing materials, we used a poly-blended 70D fabric consisting of 50% Nylon, 40% Polyester, and 10% Spandex. It’s lightweight, moisture-wicking, comfortable, and strong.

For the putting together, we built the T2 WerkPant with a proprietary double-woven softshell material. This allowed us to combine two very different materials—a soft and durable inside plus a tough, water-resistant outside—into a single layer of tightly-woven fabric.

Being Smart About the Design

The articulated knee on the T2 WerkPant makes it easier and less tiring to lift your legs for climbing.

Anyone can cut a pattern for pants, but that’s not good enough for trade professionals who have to move precisely and repeatedly all day long and are always reaching for items on their person.

We gave the T2 WerkPant:

  • A gusseted inseam for freer movement in the crotch area.
  • Articulated knees to make it easier to lift your leg for climbing.
  • An overall tailored cut to enable precise, unrestricted movement.
  • 7 strategically placed pockets, including a dual access phone pocket.

The Best Performance on the Market

What you get with advanced materials put together in a smart way are pants that outperform denim jeans on every count. The T2 WerkPant is the next step forward in workwear construction; it’s far more durable, better at resisting tears and abrasion, vastly better at repelling water and mud, dries faster, weighs less, and doesn’t shrink in the wash.

It’s building a reputation for being the most comfortable, reliable work pants on Earth. But don’t take our word for it: We’ve got over 5,000 reviews on the men’s version and over 250 reviews on the women’s version. (Scroll down to the bottom of those pages to read the reviews.) The average rating is about 4.8 out of 5.

When to Wear the T2 WerkPant

A male industrial athlete wears the T2 WerkPant, which can be worn in most weather.

We’ve designed the workwear construction on the T2 WerkPant to be suitable for 3-season wear, ranging from cold, wet weather up to hot sun and temps in the 80s.

For a lighter version to wear in that truly sweltering summer sun, try the T1 WerkPant instead (men’s fit | women’s fit).

For a cold-weather version with extra insulation, try the T3 WerkPant (currently available in men’s fit only) or the T3 WerkBib (also men’s fit only). And when it’s the end of the world, step up to the T4 WerkBib.

For tops, check out our Werkwear as a System page for advice on layering the various base layers, mid layers, and shell layers.

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