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Why We Use Eyesights

Why We Use Eyesights

What Are Eye Sights?

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Eye sights, or the reflective patches you commonly see on workwear like vests and jackets, are a safety feature to ensure workers are visible in dim lighting. Usually combined with hi-viz fabrics, they bounce light back, which is especially useful when working on roads or job sites at night or in the early morning. 

Why Do We Need Them?

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The eye sights we use at Truewerk are heat transferred onto our garments to be sure they hold up between washes. These smaller patches are a step down from the ANSI standard—what you usually find on safety vests—and a less prominent way of using reflective safety. Using eye sights, especially on tops and jackets, is helpful among your crew for various reasons. If you’ve ever backed up a truck with low visibility to what’s behind you, you can see why.

What You Didn't Know

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Most reflective garments use strips of tape, which in the dark, just looks like a floating shape. The positioning of our eye sights is unique because it is nearly identical to the spacing of human eyes. We are biologically inclined to recognize facial features well, so when you see what looks like a pair of glowing eyes in the dark—you know it’s a person!

The Products

Truewerk S3 Solution Hoodie

You’ll find eye sights on most of our products (especially tops and outerwear) positioned around the bicep or neck so that it closely mimics the height of a person. Some of our pants and shorts will have them on the back or side of the leg to ensure you're visible even when not facing someone directly. What do you think about eye sights? 

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