Work in Wet Weather

Work in Wet Weather

For those that find themselves working outdoors more often than not, each new season brings unique weather challenges to the job site. As winter gives way to warmer weather, there are plenty of gray skies and spring showers ahead. Before tackling wet weather on site, prepare for the day by suiting up in a TRUEWERK Workwear System that keeps you dry and comfortable through anything Mother Nature has in store. 


Truewerk crew on site

Protective Gear

Safety should always be priority #1 for you and your crew in challenging conditions. Without the proper equipment, hypothermia can be a serious concern, with symptoms including drowsiness, shivering, a weak pulse, or worse. Trade professionals should come prepared for work in rain, sleet, or snow with carefully selected layers that insulate and are waterproof for maximum comfort and protection. 


Truewerk S3 Solution Hoodie

Your Werkwear System

Rain or shine, we’ve got you covered (literally) with bases that wick, mid-layers that insulate, and shells that deflect. TRUEWERK’S Workwear System consists of a series of layers engineered to work together so you can customize based on the needs of the job or weather. 

In wet weather, staying dry and warm is key. Our base layers have treated fabric that pulls moisture away from the body and disperses it four times faster than untreated materials. Next up, your mid layer, which should lock in body heat but allow sweat to escape for premiere temperature regulation. TRUEWERK mid layers stretch with you without adding on extra weight or bulk, letting you transition as you heat up throughout the day. Finally, a shell layer is the final line of defense between you and the elements. Our technical fabrics are water-resistant while letting moisture evaporate and come packed with stretch and ripstop technology for peak performance. 


Truewerk S2 StormShell

Product Features

You’ll find weather protection across almost all of TRUEWERK’s products, but there are a few to look out for if you find yourself caught in the rain. 

Seam Sealed 

Seam taping is when a layer of tape made of polyurethane film is placed under seams to block water and keep it from seeping through. The S2 StormShell is a heavy-duty but flexible, waterproof rain jacket featuring a waterproof chest phone pocket. Fully taped seams mean no leakage, withstanding 6X hurricane rain pressure and 3X the industry standard.

DWR Treated 

DWR, or durable water repellent finish, makes fabric hydrophobic and keeps precipitation from saturating a product’s exterior. This is particularly important for letting body heat moisture inside the garment evaporate. Our DWR-treated fabrics make our products highly water resistant, letting water bead up and roll right off. Keep dry in a range of products from the T2 WerkPant to the M3 Woobie Hoodie

Laminate Membrane 

A laminate membrane acts as a moisture barrier by being waterproof but not vapor-proof. This means larger water molecules (like raindrops) can’t get in, but water vapors (like evaporating sweat) can escape. Our 3-layer bonded fabric includes a clear laminate membrane that withstands 25,000mm of water entry pressure, situated between a cozy hex fleece liner and ripstop shell. Find it in products like the S3 Solution line or T3 WerkPants

Whatever weather you’re facing this spring, tackle it with confidence in TRUEWERK performance workwear. 

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