the portrait project


Trade professionals are entrepreneurs, artists, innovators, outdoor enthusiasts, community leaders and industrial athletes. It's about time that the world recognizes them as such. We know the ingenuity, passion and joy you bring to your work as a professional doesn’t end when you’re off the clock - it’s a mindset you bring to your whole life. 

When you think about your journey into the skilled trades, what was the driving force? Maybe it was a change of pace to follow a hobby turned passion, or maybe you found yourself spending more time behind a desk than doing what you loved. Or did it help you lead the life you wanted to live? Whatever the path, you made the choice to live like a pro: embracing the challenge of becoming stronger and smarter than yesterday. Dedicating yourself to acquiring and perfecting new skills both on and off the job site. Living your life to the fullest. 


At Truewerk, we use cutting-edge fits and fabric to engineer the best gear not just for work but for life. Trade professionals are the backbone of our society, but they also live full, well-balanced lives that extend beyond the site or shop. 

Help us celebrate the person behind the product. We want to know the nitty-gritty details, from how you excel at your craft to how your career lets you create a life you’re proud of. How do you prep and train for the task at hand? What is the most difficult, most joyful or little-known aspect of your career that you want the world to know? Where do you go to unwind when the day wraps up?


How do you live like a pro? It’s being proud of what you do without needing your career to become all-encompassing. Proud of your skills, your knowledge, your purpose in the community. Knowing that you chose the right path because something just “clicked.” Choosing a career that allows you to spend time with your friends and family and still provide for them. Following in the footsteps of your father or grandfather and bringing new life to age-old work. 

We want to know: What line of work do you come from, and what would you like the world to know about it? How do the gear, tools, and technology you use help you perform to the best of your ability? How do you prioritize continuing to learn and grow? Who are you off the job site?


Some helpful hints to get your story ready to show the world. We are looking for two different kinds of photos: one of you on the job site and the other wherever you feel the most alive. For some pros, it's hiking through the mountainsides, and for others it's backyard barbecuing with the family. Take us on a ride through your world and show us what a day on-site looks like. Then, give us a glimpse into what’s behind the magic—you!


- Ratio: Standard iPhone photo size of 3:4

Use the setting your phone normally shoots in.

Avoid features like super zoom or wide-angle.

- Orientation: 

For in-action lifestyle photos, take photos with your phone titled sideways/horizontally. 

For portrait photos, keep your phone straight/vertical. 

- Lighting: 

Seek out clear, strong, light.

Avoid backlit photos or having your light source directly in front of you.

- Portrait shots: 

Have someone else take your photo—no selfies, please. 

Shoot straight on with the subject centered and at the eye line. 

Just be aware of what’s in your background!

Smile, laugh, smirk, grimace—your look is up to you. Be authentic.

- Lifestyle shots: 

Can be of yourself, or you with your crew, family, or friends. Show us where you feel the most alive—from creating in the shop to exploring the outdoors. No posed shots, but candid is always welcome