Andy Moore

Andy Moore


Class A Contractor

Favorite social accounts, podcasts and other resources:

Anything to do with finish carpentry. Especially anything that gets into really technical processes.  I’m a nerd for it.

Words to live by:

Figure out what you do best and lean into it.

How do you elevate the trade industry?

I bring on new carpenters and teach the skills and techniques to maintain a high level of craftsmanship that seems to be missing these days.

What’s something you’re proud of?

My team and how we’ve become the go to crew for higher end finish carpentry.

What’s your go-to TRUEWERK gear?

T1 WerkShorts!!

Favorite thing about being a TRUEWERK ambassador?

Getting first looks and providing R&D on new products and sharing with others the great features of the line.


IG: @modern_oak

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