Hank Hamilton

Hank Hamilton

Favorite social accounts, etc:

Diesel Creek, Tony’s Tractor Adventure, Watch Wes Work, Dirt Perfect

Words to Live by:

“It won’t matter 10 years from now”

How I elevate the trade industry:

We use our social media influence to show people how to operate compact tractors to get chores done is a safe, effective and efficient way so they can manage their property that suits them best

What is something you are proud of:

YouTube Silver Play Button

What’s your go-to TRUEWERK gear:

The T1 WerkPant

Favorite thing about being an ambassador:

My favorite thing about working with TRUEWERK is the fact I haven’t worn any other work clothing since becoming an ambassador. I truly love the comfort and quality TRUEWERK offers. They are super durable, and I love showcasing how they are the best choice for anyone who works outdoors on equipment or around farm type conditions! I love my clothing and accessories. They are hands down the best work garments on the market.


All Socials are Hamiltonville Farm.

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