Day in the Clouds: Desmond Tse Builds the Dream in Edmonton

Day in the Clouds: Desmond Tse Builds the Dream in Edmonton

With its bone-chilling winters and scorching summers, in Edmonton, Canada, extremes thrive. For TRUEWERK ambassador Desmond Tse, that hasn’t stopped him from thriving, too. Specializing in vinyl siding, Desmond has found his passion in working outdoors, braving harsh conditions to provide exceptional craftsmanship and innovation. It’s only natural that he would choose TRUEWERK gear that does the same.  

We chatted with Desmond about his beginnings in the trades and how, years later, he still loves what he does and loves what he wears while doing it. His go-to this summer? TRUEWERK’s Cloud Short.


Desmond Tse in Cloud Shorts


Desmond began as a self-taught installer. Armed with a pamphlet from the local hardware store on siding installation, he and a friend started learning together. "We just followed the instructions and did it," Desmond recalls. While his friend pursued other career paths, Desmond continued to adapt, working with seasoned pros and picking up new techniques. Through trial and error, experimentation, and learning from others, his business took off.

And his perseverance paid off, enabling him to provide a comfortable living while maintaining the work-life balance many enter the skilled trades to achieve. While it varies, a typical summer day for Desmond starts early. A self-proclaimed morning person, he begins with a cup of coffee (non-negotiable) before arriving at the job site by 6:30 a.m. ”As soon as seven hits, I start making noise. Family’s important to me, so an early start means I can wrap up by about four or five. After 20 years in the trades, I can schedule my time and be picky about what projects I take on.”

By mid-afternoon when the heat of the day is on, you can find Desmond enjoying the comfort and functionality of his Cloud Shorts on the job site. “The Cloud Shorts are really nice because if you’re up on a two-story project, you get a great breeze. The best part is the quick-drying feature. If you’re on-site and it starts raining, you’re going to dry off fairly quickly.” They're an ideal garment for working outdoors in the heat with UV protection, sweat-wicking properties, and four-way stretch, but they happen to look pretty nice, too. “I’m typically on scaffolding and can stay fairly clean, so I like looking good, I guess,” he laughs. His wife refers to his Cloud Shorts as his 'uniform’, which makes mornings all the more stress-free. “I never have to think about what I wear. I just literally choose the color.”



But that’s not the only time Desmond wears his Cloud Shorts“I actually started running this year because my son started, and I want to stay active. I’ve only worn Cloud Shorts running this summer. It’s been really nice–that drawstring, the elastic waist, and the fact that they’re so lightweight. Before wearing the Cloud Shorts, I’d be afraid that I’d blow a seam during my side-split stretch. Now, I wear Cloud Shorts, and it’s really technical fabric. It’s amazing to me that something so light and stretchy is durable.”  



Versatility is built into the Cloud Short’s wiring. From job site to road running to vacation time they continue to perform. "They're kind of like swim shorts," Desmond explains, emphasizing their quick-drying capabilities while wearing them at the beach every day during his two-week trip to Hawaii this summer.  

While every day brings a new challenge (chosen or imposed), Desmond arms himself with the tools to thrive. Whether it’s in the dry heat of Edmonton or the humid beaches of the tropics, TRUEWERK’s Cloud Shorts let him tackle the elements without skipping a beat. With features like sun-blocking properties, maximum breathability, and wicking technology, the Cloud Shorts keep you cool and protected on the sunniest of days, too.

Shop the entire Cloud Line now and discover how seamless our on- to off-site workwear can be.

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