Hot Weather Workwear Picks: Aina & Co.

Hot Weather Workwear Picks: Aina & Co.
When you work in sun-drenched conditions for the majority of the year, having the right workwear is crucial for keeping cool, comfortable, and protected. There's one location in the North Pacific Ocean where this particularly hits home.

Welcome to Hawaii, where the average daytime summer temperature is a slick 85° Fahrenheit, humidity sits between 60-70%, and the sun beats down for 13 hours a day. And when you operate a small business that relies on your output for the day, you won't be killing time in the shade. TRUEWERK ambassador Asia, COO of Aina & Company, is no stranger to not letting the heat hold her back. Her secret? The gear on her back.

Founded in 2013, Aina & Co. is a family-owned and operated farm in Hawaii. Having turned raw land into a business, they are dedicated to providing premier agricultural products and sharing their farming knowledge on various platforms. We sat down with Asia to ask what it’s like working in consistently hot weather and how she gears up to stay focused when temps rise.



"What does a typical day on the farm look like for you?"

Asia: My days are split in two halves. It usually starts early with a short team meeting, followed by some type of harvest, weeding, tilling, bed prepping, or planting. Depending on the day, the second half could include deliveries or time spent on a new project, our current one being the construction of a tiny cabin. We homeschool so we always have our daughter coming in and out of our work days which keeps them lively and filled with unexpected adventure or play.


Asia in the B1 Sun Hoodie 

"How do you keep cool with all that time outdoors?" 

Asia: I actually prefer to be fully covered on those hot days. I wear my T1 WerkPants pretty much every day of the week! I love the full length protection from bugs, unnecessary scapes and cuts, and pretty much anything the elements have planned for the day. For my top, it’s usually a toss up between my Tech Flannel and my B1 Sun Hoodie. The material is lightweight, keeping me cool, covered, comfortable, and cute, and being covered, I don't worry about getting a farmer's tan.

I look forward to being out there on those hot days. Working under the sun actually energizes us! We chose this occupation because we love being outdoors. Living in the tropics it's pretty much dealing with heat or rain. On those really hot days, I always remind myself, I would rather it be hot than rainy or cold.


"Out of all your TRUEWERK gear, what pieces do you find yourself reaching for the most? Any favorite features?" 

Asia: It’s a toss up between my T1 WerkPant, Tech Flannel, and Sun Hoodie. My T1’s just do the job as work pants. It’s durability, flexibility, and functionality all in one. My Tech Flannel has the perfect weight, has easy snaps for on or off and layering, plus the plaid colors are great. The B1 Hoodie gives me the full protection that I need, whether I’m in the sun or working under the canopies doing land maintenance.  

I love how well the clothes fit and move with you day in and day out. The attention to detail is key, I swear there is a pocket for everything! And all my gear is super flattering. I also love that my favorite tradesmen/women also wear TRUEWERK and I like that I’m a part of a brand that other great professionals love and trust. The team at TRUEWERK really understands what working men and women need from their workwear, and that’s clothes that can go where you go and do what you do!

My gear has been through the ringer and still holds its shape. I value the fact that I can move from being out in the field straight into the world and still look professional. I’m very grateful to have TRUEWERK whose workwear is designed to work with elements we face, it helps us do our jobs in comfort and style. 


Catch up with Aina & Co. on their Instagram or YouTube and check out our hot weather collection for more workwear engineered for taking on the heat.

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