BehindTheSeams: Hot Weather Werkwear

BehindTheSeams: Hot Weather Werkwear

It’s hot as a roofing nail in the summer sun on the jobsite, but you can’t stop just because you’re threatening to sweat straight through to the briefs. 

We get it: the job must go on. That’s why we not only ditched the canvas and created workwear designed to stand up to any jobsite without breaking down, we also created workwear designed specifically for the heat. Or for working in the heat without causing a meltdown. Best of all, not only will our hot weather must-haves help keep you cool, they also come with sun protection built in.

Three Cool Lines of Werkwear to Beat the Heat

At TRUEWERK we designed a range of hot weather werkwear that can stand alone or be paired up for good looks and ultimate protection.

B1: Ultra-breathable Hoodies and Tees

The building block of the TRUEWERK Werkwear System, the B1 can be worn layered on cold days or worn all alone on its own on hot ones.

Modular and customizable based on conditions and elements, B1s are highly breathable, resistant to tears and abrasion, and studded with wicking properties that pull moisture away. 

Each piece in the B1 line—the Performance tee short sleeve, the Performance tee long sleeve, and the Performance hoodie—offers four-way stretch and UPF 50+ protection.

TRUEWERK B1 Sun Hoodie

T1: The Long and Short of Cool 

Whether you’re covered to the ankle or ready to show some knee, our T1 line of werkwear is here to protect while helping you keep your cool. 

That’s because our T1 fabric uses specially designed “float yarns” for a chilling effect, four-way stretch that lets you bend and move any way your craft requires, and a wicking finish on the interior that transports sweat away from the body four times faster than untreated fabric. 

TRUEWERK T1 Overalls

Rock the T1 Overalls for an updated take on the utilitarian workwear or choose the many-pocketed T1 WerkPant for a modern classic. On the hottest of days, the T1 WerkShort lets you free the legs and catch a breeze, without sacrificing storage or protection: these shorts still have riveted pocket corners, double-stitch seams, a gusseted crotch for enhanced durability, and eight pockets.

On the Job and In a Cloud

TRUEWERK’s Cloud fabric is designed to keep you cool and comfortable even in scorching temperatures. Made from a 50D Polyester Bicomponent (poly-blend) crimped fiber that offers increased flexibility, smoothness, softness, Cloud fabric also offers superior air flow with workout-level air permeability. And, with a wicking treatment on the yarns that disperses sweat and dries quickly, it’s like air conditioning for your skin. Plus, with UPF 30+, Cloud fabric offers six-times the protection of an average white cotton tee. 

B1 Long Sleeve Tee - Truewerk Workwear

Our Cloud fabric is built into men’s shorts, pants, and button-down short-sleeve; long-sleeve button-downs for men and women, and unisex bucket hat designed to keep the rays off that pate. 

Whether you’re pairing a B1 hoodie with a T1 WerkPant or showing a little more skin in a WerkShort and Cloud button-down, TRUEWERK’s warm weather wear lets you keep working hard while staying cool.

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