Branching Out with Bartlett Tree Experts

Branching Out: National Love a Tree Day

When field testing workwear that keeps you cool in direct sun exposure and moves with you while resisting constant snags and tears, who better to look to than arborists?


We're in awe of the pros who go out on a limb every day. So, as part of our recent Born & Raised campaign (where we featured several local businesses in our community), we were stoked to spend a day with the crew at Bartlett Tree Experts in Boulder, Colorado. The team at Bartlett let us chat with them about their work as part of the local arborist community and how they put TRUEWERK to the test.


TRUEWERK B1 Sun Hoodie

“Our focus is on scientific tree care—research, lab work, and field testing all contribute to helping keep trees healthy and protected,” said Bartlett team member, Ashley Monreal.


Like the diverse species of native trees in Colorado, the team at Bartlett is comprised of a diverse variety of adventurous experts brought together to provide the best tree care. Ian, one of Bartlett’s arborists, puts in long, physical days. Picture the hot sun beating down while climbing for hours on end with a chainsaw hanging from your harness. It isn’t for the faint of heart.  


“We put so much stress on our workwear. Just yesterday, we were working in a field of Russian Olives with two- to four-inch thorns. It was one of those days where I thought, what the hell am I doing here, but I was glad to have the gear and clothing that I had. I have seven pairs of  T1 WerkPants that I wear religiously,” said Ian.


TRUEWERK T1 WerkPantBartlett’s Product Pick: T1 WerkPant


Ian grew up in California on bikes, skateboards, and surfboards, but decided to trade in his coastal life for mountain living. He first fell in love with rock climbing in Colorado. That’s actually what led him to becoming an arborist. He feels right at home in the trees.


“I’m outside, working with my hands, with a small group of people I enjoy working with. You get to be creative. Similar to rock climbing, you can always learn something new. Every tree is situational. That’s the beauty of it; yesterday is not the same as today.”


One drawback to working at height is the proximity of the sun. Things get hot up there in the branches. Due to the angle of the sun during the summer months, the sun’s rays are intensified, which gives us warmer temperatures, but also more opportunities to burn. Admittedly not the biggest fan of sunscreen, Ian finds comfort in his latest TRUEWERK find.


“The Sun Hoodie weight is heavy enough to prevent tearing and it resists abrasion, but it doesn’t feel too hot to wear in full sun.”


TRUEWERK B1 Sun HoodieBartlett’s Product Pick: B1 Sun Hoodie


From prevention and problem solving to physical exertion in brutal and changing weather, Bartlett’s team of specialists depend on an array of advanced equipment to reach new heights. Workwear is no exception. When they need to be able to stretch across vast canopies hundreds of feet in the air without worrying about the endless snags and abrasions that come with the territory, we give them the flexibility, durability, and functionality they need to offer world-class tree care with no compromises.


“Having options to make it through the day is super important. Being able to switch from warm in the morning to lightweight and breathable clothing during the day, goes a long way to keep us comfortable. I’ve struggled for years with finding comfortable workwear that also holds up to an intense job. Most importantly, they look cool. Half of doing any job is looking good while doing it, in my opinion,” said Sam Dilettoso, Local Manager and Arborist Representative.


Bartlett Tree Experts was founded in 1907 and currently ranks as the world’s leading scientific tree and shrub care company. For more, visit


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