"Nailed It": Finding Confidence in the Trades

"Nailed It": Finding Confidence in the Trades

When you think about your journey into the skilled trades, was there a specific moment where things started to really click? A moment where you stepped into your own, knowing you could tackle the task at hand with full confidence? 

We checked in with a few members of the WerkForceTruewerk’s team of ambassadorsand asked them the same question: What was the job where you found strength in your abilities and felt like you truly “nailed it?” 

Josh Ferguson, Woodworker


While Josh Ferguson works in the solar industry full-time, woodworking is his creative outlet. “I’ve always had a passion for building, creating and making,” he says. Carpentry has always been his dream career. After purchasing a house in 2015, it ignited his fire to learn new skills and create a home. By taking a hands-on, trial-by-error approach to tackling new projects, Josh has managed to find a balanced lifestyle in the skilled trades: unwinding through creating and providing for his family. 


  • 0 - 1:12: How Josh got his start in woodworking 
  • 1:12 - 2:27: How he learnt his craft and his thought process for taking on new skills 
  • 2:27 - 4:29: “You don’t need as much as you think to be successful” 
  • 4:29 - 5:39: Applying old skills to a new passion
  • 5:39 - 7:26: Can one truly master their craft?  
  • 7:26 - 8:30: What Josh is excited to learn, his least favorite tasks and what’s next for Ferguson Woodcraft 
  • 8:30 - 9:46: Closing thoughts and Josh’s advice for trade professionals 


Kevin Martinez, Electrician


Kevin Martinez took a life-altering event and decided to choose his own fate. He studied graphic design and business administration until his brother’s passing in 2015, which was the catalyst to create a life and career he truly loved. He found himself in the right place at the right time, which led to a curiosity for electrical work. Today Kevin has completed his electrical apprenticeship and is now a journeyman, taking to social media to share his passion for the trades. 



  • 0 - 0:30: Kevin’s Introduction
  • 0:30 - 4:04: How he got involved in the electrical field 
  • 4:04 - 4:44: Joining an apprenticeship and becoming a journeyman
  • 4:44 - 5:31: Kevin’s mission to spread trade positivity to younger generations 
  • 5:31 - 6:40: The biggest struggles he faced while trying to improve 
  • 6:40 - 7:11: Where Kevin finds his motivation to succeed 
  • 7:11 - 8:03: The moment it “clicked”  
  • 8:03 - 9:06: Advice for up and coming trade professionals 


Ashley Fox, Arborist


Ashley Fox always felt pulled to the outdoors, especially after studying Natural Resources at her university. When the Covid-19 pandemic left her searching for her next career move, one listing caught her eye: tree climber apprentice. She had never been introduced to tree work but was impressed with what the industry had to offer and took a leap of faith. After completing an apprenticeship program in the Forestry Division of the City of Aurora, she now holds a technician position and even in local tree-climbing competitions. 


  • 0 - 0:18: Ashley’s Introduction 
  • 0:18 - 1:14: How she got her start in tree work and landed her apprenticeship 
  • 1:14 - 1:53: Finding confidence in her skills 
  • 1:53 - 2:17: Ashley’s highlights and biggest challenges she faced in her learning journey
  • 2:17 - 2:44: Focusing on improvements over mastery 
  • 2:44 - 3:06: Education for up-and-coming trade professionals 
  • 3:06 - 3:34: Branching into climbing competitions and final thoughts


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