The Secret to Durability

The Secret to Durability

Truewerk founder and CEO Brian was inspired by the tough, stretchy softshell fabric used for climbing pants. His experience in both the climbing world and the trades made him wonder why the only offerings in workwear seemed to be canvas or duck, which were durable to an extent, but definitely not the most comfortable. 


Truewerk T2 WerkPants

Performance Workwear

Brian knew that modern workwear was missing something: gear built for a high level of performance while still maintaining it’s appearance and functionality against jobsite stressors.

It started with the T2 WerkPant, made from a unique double-woven fabric that’s tightly woven on the outside for durability and loosely woven on the inside for comfort next to skin.


Truewerk T2 WerkPants

Outlasting the Rest

While they were at the forefront of workwear history, natural fibers like cotton don’t stretch, absorb water and don’t hold up to repeated use. We turned to blends of synthetic fibers to achieve what was lacking in workwear, focusing on peak performance like many popular outdoor and sportswear brands.

Using tight fabric weaves and uniquely constructed knits, many Truewerk products are resistant to rips, picks and tears—rendering you practically unstoppable on site.


Truewerk M2 Grid Pullover Hoodie

The Products

From our B1 line and WerkPants to Cloud products, Truewerk gear was made for work without sacrificing comfort or a professional feel. With one wash, they look good as new, letting you finally retire that torn up pair of canvas pants.

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