How Truewerk Field Tests Products

How Truewerk Field Tests Products

Who Tests? 

Truewerk has nine field testers in locations across the United States. They are construction managers, golf course builders, farmers, home remodelers, tactical product designers, carpenters, welders and more. All field testers have worked closely with Truewerk Director of Product Jim Trombly in the past and have vast product knowledge.


Field Testers - Truewerk Workwear

The Process

There are two different paths for field testing. The first is to send an existing product to field testers, receive feedback, then adjust garments accordingly. The second is to develop a prototype of a new item, send it to field testers, then work directly with them to design it from an early stage. All field testers have deep product expertise—so testing isn't strictly directed. Instead, the individuals wear our gear daily for their jobs.



The Feedback

Products go to a variety of locations, including Louisiana, Massachusetts, Washington, Colorado, Oregon and Alaska. Testers provide feedback on six different components:

  • Comfort: How does the item feel?
  • Fit: Different from comfort, how does it hang and move on the body?
  • Features: Does it have all the features you want or too many?
  • Performance: Relating to the fabric. Does it wick sweat, keep you warm, resist water, etc.?
  • Durability: Focused on the tester’s specific usage.
  • Function: Maybe the pocket is the wrong size or layout etc.



The Outcome

With field testers in hot, humid, dry, wet, and freezing conditions, we can adapt products to serve trade professionals across the country. From landscapers and builders to designers, we rely on industry experts to put Truewerk gear to the test—any weather, any task—so we can continue creating top-of-the-line performance workwear.

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