All Work, All Play: Moses Cho and TRUEWERK on the Go

All Work, All Play: Moses Cho and Truewerk on the Go

We love our work, but we work to live. At TRUEWERK, we believe in blurring the line between labor and leisure. We engineer gear that's built for your passions, your hobbies and everyday life. From fabrics that protect you to fits that keep you comfortable, our products are just as at-home climbing towers as they are on the trail. All work, all play.

We asked TRUEWERK ambassador Moses Cho to take our gear on the go for one weekend and let us know how they performed. In Moses's words, here's how it went down from his shop to the San Diego streets: 

FRIDAY April 1, 2022

  • Plan for the day: I’ll be breaking down a few sheets of hardwood plywood for an upcoming project!
  • What I'm wearing: T2 Werkpant + B1 Sun Hoodie
  • The breakdown: 
    • 8 AM - Put on my T2 Werkpant and B1 Sun Hoodie and went to my local lumberyard.
    • 10 AM - Came back to my shop and started to mill up some raw lumber and cut the sheet goods into smaller sizes.
    • 3 PM - I thought a photo with my favorite work gear would be nice, so I asked my wife for help.
  • Takeaways/favorites: The tough material on my T2 Werkpant was perfect for handling the type of work I did. My favorite feature of these pants is the robust pockets and zippers! In addition, the B1 Sun Hoodie was perfect for me because it helped me stay cool with its stretchy breathable material!
Moses Cho sits on table in a Truewerk B1 Sun Tee Long Sleeve and T2 WerkPants
Moses Cho wearing Truewerk T2 WerkPants

SATURDAY April 2, 2022

  • Plan for the day: Exploring the city with my photographer wife! As usual, San Diego’s Spring weather changes drastically every week. Following last week’s high 70s, the forecast reads cloudy and light mist today.
  • What I'm wearing: B1 Short Sleeve Tee + M2 Grid
  • The breakdown: 
    • 8 AM - Woke up and planned out different places to explore while having a hot cup of coffee.
    • 10 AM - Put on my Truewerk Logo Tee & M2 Grid Hoodie! The weather seemed like it would stay under 70.
    • 1 PM: Couldn’t say no to my favorite ice cream place after a delicious lunch! 
    • 2 PM: Took off my M2 Grid when we got in the car.
  • Takeaways/favorites: I can’t express how warm the M2 Grid is. It is a nice fit once you wear it and the half zip allows temperature control. 
Moses Cho wears a Truewerk logo tee and poses with his dog
Moses Cho wears a Truewerk M2 Grid Half Zip and holds an ice cream cone

SUNDAY April 3, 2022

  • Plan for the day: Date with my wife after church! I enjoy riding my skateboard along the harbor from time to time. My wife and I saw how nice the weather was going to be and decided to go for a walk and skateboard after church.
  • What I'm wearing: Trucker Hat + B1 Sun Tee + Cloud Short
  • The breakdown: 
    • 12 PM - After church, we headed to the harbor. Because it was a nice sunny day, I put on my B1 Sun Tee and some Cloud Shorts. I also brought my TRUEWERK hat with me!
    • 1 PM - Soon after we had walked around a bit, I grabbed my skateboard in the car and rode it along the pavement by the water. 
    • 1:15 PM - I grabbed my TRUEWERK Trucker Hat from the car and rode my skateboard some more!
  • Takeaways/favorites: The B1 Sun Tee was such a good choice for today because of how nice and warm it was outside. With both the B1 Sun Tee and the Cloud Short, I could easily move around and be physically active. The lightweight fabric of both of these products is my favorite part!
Moses Cho skateboards in a Truewerk B1 Sun Tee and Cloud Shorts
Moses Cho skateboards in a Truewerk B1 Sun Tee and Cloud Shorts

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