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Behind the T.5 WerkHoody with Our Founder, Brian Ciciora

Truewerk's Founder and President, Brian Ciciora also leads product design. Like many of you, working with his hands creates a sense of purpose, productivity and it's in his blood. He knows for those of us that work and play outside, the sun is a significant threat and protection is crucial for living a long, healthy life. But, the struggles of sunscreen? All too, the process of creating a convenient solution for staying protected began.

Brian shares the inspiration for the T.5 WerkHoody and the nearly two-year journey in finding the perfect fabric to create the piece we sell today that embraces the nature of what you do.

Learn more about the advanced design, details and features we obsessed over to keep you comfortable and moving freely in ways you've never experienced on the job site before to help you truly perform your best. 


 "The drive to create the performance and quality in our products at Truewerk stems from a belief that our customers are critical in keeping society functioning - and, therefore need the best apparel and tools that we can provide them to make sure that their jobs are successful. It's a virtuous cycle. If they're not successful, society won't be successful." 

It's not just about what happens on the job site for us, it's about creating a better life - and way of life - for all our customers. 

Tell us what you want to see next and if you liked this video. Plus, show us YOUR way of life when you're wearing the T.5 Hoody in the comments section or by tagging us on instagram @Truewerk


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